You should see an email I just sent to you – The subject line will say “Please Review and sign enclosed agreement”, and it’s coming from “Client Services via DocuSign”. Open that email, scroll down and click on the yellow “Review Document” button. That should now lead you to a new window where you should see a blank checkbox next to the words “I agree to do business electronically” – Go ahead and click that box, and then click on the yellow button to the right that says “continue.” Now, we will review the agreement together and make sure everything looks good as you sign. Please stop me anytime if you have questions!

You should now be looking at the front page of the agreement, where there are a few high level details for your program. Here you will see that the Beyond program is the most cost-effective way to resolve your debt, when compared to alternative options like minimum payments. Additionally, to the right you will see some program details like total enrolled debt, your monthly deposit, and estimated program deposits.

Go ahead and scroll down to the next page where you will see “Debt Resolution Agreement” at the top. Now, I am going to summarize the pages and sections that are most relevant to you. Again – please ask as many questions as you like.

Page 2 – The most important information on this page is that:

Section 3: Beyond Finance are providing debt resolution services. They are NOT providing a loan and they are not a credit counseling service.

Scrolling to the next page brings us to:

Page 3 – what you need to know is:

Section 8: Usually, clients start seeing results in 3-6 months, provided they keep up with their payments. The time frames vary depending on several factors, but Beyond will always keep you updated on your progress! They also have a fantastic app that will keep you updated on the whole process, I will help you download it at the end of the call!

Section 9: If you receive any notices from your creditors make sure to forward all communications to Beyond. If your address or phone number changes make sure to keep them updated.

Section 10: Beyond do not have the ability to give you any tax or legal advice. Reductions of $600 or more may have tax implications. You should consult with a tax advisor to determine your individual circumstances.

If that makes sense, we can go to the next page.

Page 4 – The main topics covered on this page are:

Section 11: Beyond Finance only earn their fee once they have successfully negotiated with your creditor and locked in terms that you agree to. Fees paid to Beyond Finance are not used to pay creditors and all fees discussed are included in the payment we discussed today.

Section 13: As we discussed earlier, initially your credit will likely be negatively affected after starting the program. However, for clients who stick to their deposit schedules, Beyond finds that credit scores start to show signs of improvement around 6 months into the program, but this can vary.

Section 15: If you’ve enrolled jointly held accounts or debts with co-borrowers, it is your responsibility to notify them that you’ve enrolled the joint debts within this program. Please go ahead and click the “Initial” button.

If you don’t have any questions, we can go to the next page.

Page 5 – The important points from here are:

Section 16: In rare situations, Beyond may encounter difficult creditors. If that happens, they may contact you for assistance to help get that debt resolved.

Page 6 – That brings us to the final page where it states that:

Section 21: You have the right to withdraw from the program at any time, with NO penalty.

Section 25: By signing below, you agree to the terms and conditions of this enrollment agreement.

Now, if there are no other questions please click the “Sign” button to confirm your understanding.

The next few pages are related to privacy and an acknowledgement statement that we went over the agreement together. You’ll need to click “Sign” on page 9.

Go ahead and scroll through the “Schedule-A List of Creditors and Debt & Program Details” on page 10. At the bottom, you will see the “Program Details Box” which summarizes your program information for you. You will see here estimates for your:

• program savings: ($XX)
• program length: (XX months)
• and total program fees: ($XX)

Please go ahead and click the “Sign” button to confirm your understanding.

The next few pages are your “Notice of Cancellation.”

Next, you’ll see an AFCC logo at the very top of the page. The AFCC is the most prestigious trade association in the industry, and requires the highest level of consumer protections, which Beyond Finance adhere to. Please click the “Sign” button to confirm your understanding.

The next few pages are related to your account with Crossroads Financial Technologies and banking information. This is setting up your new FDIC insured account and deposits. This is where the funds that you put into the program will be! You will have access to monitor your account 24/7.

On the right side, you will see the fees associated with the account – only the setup and monthly fee apply to you. As a reminder, this fee is already included in your monthly deposit and is not an additional charge. The next several pages will confirm your banking information, please check the information and “Sign” them as well.

The next several pages you will see several authorization letters. These give Beyond authorization to communicate with your creditors on your behalf, debit fees from your account and to review your credit information.

Once you start the program you will get creditor calls. This is a natural part of the process. For more information on this, the Onboarding team will go into detail on how to handle creditor calls. Please go ahead and click the “Sign” button for each of these authorization letters to confirm your understanding.

The next few pages are a list of acknowledgements. If you have no further questions, you can go ahead and click the “Sign” button here as well.

The following pages are your “Personal Cash Flow Assessment” which is the budget we discussed earlier. You can go ahead and click the “Sign” button here as well.

Now that we have covered everything, you will see a yellow “Finish” button near the bottom of the page. Go ahead and hit “Finish”. If you missed any signatures or initials, a yellow “Next” button will be present on the left side of the page which will bring you to any outstanding signatures or initials. Please make sure all required signatures and initials are complete and then go ahead and click on the yellow “Finish” button. Perfect!

I’m about to send you a copy of the signed agreement for your records. We’ve covered a ton of information, but sticking to these 3 key principles will keep you successful in the program:

  1. CONSISTENCY is key – Beyonds most successful clients are consistent with their deposits. The faster you build up funds, the sooner they can resolve your accounts.
  2. COMMUNICATION – Let Beyond handle the communication with your creditors. If you don’t recognize the number, let it go to voicemail. They are just trying to pressure you back into paying them interest forever.
  3. PATIENCE – Most clients start to see their first settlements around 3-6 months but this is a marathon not a sprint. So stay focused on your financial goals and remember how good it will feel to be back in control of your finances and be debt free!

Our last step is a quick Onboarding call with one of Beyond’s Onboarding agents. They will review key features of your Client Dashboard, which provides you with 24/7 access to your program.

I am going to connect you to the Onboarding Department, can you hold for just a moment?