You should see an email I just sent to you. The subject line will say “Please Review and sign enclosed agreement”, and it’s coming from “Client Services via DocuSign”. Go ahead and open that email, scroll down, and click on the yellow “Review Document” button. That should now lead you to a new window where you should see a blank checkbox next to the words “I agree to do business electronically.” Go ahead and click that box, and then click on the yellow button to the right that says “Continue.” Let us start by reviewing the agreement together, and we’ll sign as we review to confirm your understanding of each section. Please stop me anytime if you have questions!

You should now be looking at the front page where you will see a picture of a family. Here you will see a graph comparing the different debt relief options available and as you will see the Beyond Program is the most cost-effective way to resolve your debt. If you look at the bottom of that graph, you will see the minimum payments bar. Assuming that you never charged on your credit cards again, this is how much you would end up paying back if only minimums were made. Which is absolutely ridiculous, and that doesn’t even include all the money that you’ve already paid to your creditors!

To the right of the graph, you will see your total enrolled debt, your monthly deposit, and the estimated program deposits.

The information on the next page is required by your state and should help educate you about this process. It recaps some of the basic points related to the program, but I’m going to be reviewing everything with you in greater detail, so you can go ahead and scroll down to the next page.

Now continuing on, I am going to summarize each section for you so that you have full clarity and a solid understanding of the program. Again – please ask as many questions as you like along the way. Go ahead and scroll down to the next page where you will see “Debt Resolution Agreement” at the top.

1. Power to Perform. This section goes over that Beyond Finance only has the ability to work on your behalf with the accounts that are listed in the program, so they can negotiate your debts for you.

2. Third-Party Providers. They may use third parties to help resolve your debt.

3. Debt Resolution Services. Here it just confirms that they are providing debt resolution. That means they will be working with your creditors to reduce your debt balances and then setting up payments to them to get you on the path to being debt-free. To be clear, they are NOT providing you with a loan, and this is NOT a credit counseling service. Does this make sense?

4. Unsecured Debt. You are confirming that all debt included in the program is unsecured.

5. Client Dedicated Account. This section goes over your FDIC insured account at Crossroads Financial Technologies which we will discuss in detail. This is the dedicated account set up through the program where you’ll be responsible for saving sufficient funds so that Beyond can negotiate on your behalf.

If this makes sense, please go ahead and click the “Initial” button to confirm your understanding.

6. New Client Package. You will be receiving a Welcome Package via email once your account has cleared through processing. This will confirm a lot of the points we are covering now, and how to get in touch with Beyond.

7. Program Progress. They will always keep you up to date on everything that is going on throughout the program. They’ll reach out with key updates, and you can also monitor progress anytime on your mobile app or online client dashboard.

8. Timing and Program Estimates. The majority of our clients start getting their first results around 3-6 months into the program when they make consistent on-time deposits. The time frames vary depending on factors such as who the creditor is, and the balances owed. Beyond works with these creditors thousands of times each month, and strategically time each resolution to get you the best and fastest results possible.

9. Honest and Accurate Information. If you receive any notices from your creditors make sure to forward all communications to the team. If your address or phone number changes make sure to keep them updated.

10. No legal or Tax Advice. We do not have the ability to give you any tax or legal advice and are solely here to resolve your debt. Reductions of $600 or more may have tax implications. You should consult with a tax advisor to determine your individual circumstances.

11. Program Fees. Beyond Finance does not make a single penny by signing you up. They only earn their fee once they have successfully negotiated with your creditors, locked in terms that you agree to, and you start paying on those new terms. Fees paid to Beyond Finance are not used to pay creditors. The great part is there is no prepayment penalty so you can pay off the debt as quickly as you would like!

12. Disbursement of Funds. Once they reach new terms with your creditors, they will contact you to get your authorization to move forward. Once you agree, funds will be transferred from your FDIC account directly to your creditor.

13. Disclaimer.

Credit. As we discussed earlier, initially your credit will likely be negatively affected after starting the program. However, for clients who stick to their deposit schedules, we find that credit scores start to show signs of improvement around 6 months into the program, but this can vary.


It is rare that a creditor takes legal action with unsecured debt, but in the event it does happen, they have the Better Life Plan legal team in place that will make that creditor a top priority to get new agreements in place ASAP.
It is rare that a creditor takes legal action with unsecured debt, but in the event that it does happen, you would want to contact Beyond’s Client Success Department immediately so they can make that account a priority and work to resolve that specific debt.

14. Financial Hardship. Being that they are monitored and accredited by the AFCC they have to maintain strict guidelines for approval. As discussed, this is a hardship-based program. Based on the underwriting results you have met the criteria for approval, which is great for you!

15. Client Responsibility. It is your responsibility to provide up-to-date and accurate information. Make sure that when they contact you to get back to them as soon as you can. If you’ve enrolled jointly held accounts or debts with co-borrowers, it is your responsibility to notify them that you’ve enrolled the joint debts within this program. We have no liability should any claims arise as a result of enrolling joint debts. If this makes sense, please go ahead and click the “Initial” button to confirm your understanding.

16. Difficult Creditor. While most creditors and collectors are eager to negotiate with debt settlement service providers, Beyond Finance cannot force creditors to negotiate or accept an offered settlement. Negotiating with difficult creditors sometimes results in less favorable outcomes. In these instances, they also may call you for assistance to help get an account resolved.

17. Breach of Contract. In order to negotiate with your creditors, it’s important you stick to the deposit schedule so you have funds available to pay your creditors. Ultimately if you fail to make payments into the program, Beyond has the right to discontinue services, since they need those funds to do their job. Of course, we all want you to succeed and know that things come up, so we will try to assist you as much as possible. Communication is key. If anything unexpected happens and if you don’t have funds to make a payment please give them a call and provide as much notice as possible.

18. Choice of Law. This section explains the state’s laws that govern this agreement.

19. Arbitration and Waiver. While Beyond prides themselves on the results they achieve for their clients and their customer service throughout the program, in the event a dispute arises that they’re unable to work out on their own, you would both agree to settle the matter through arbitration. If you wish to opt-out, please follow the instructions in this section.

If this makes sense, please go ahead and click the “Initial” button to confirm your understanding.

20. Communication Consent. The team at Beyond will keep you updated throughout the program via text, email, and phone. If any of your contact information changes, please let them know.

21. Withdrawal from the Program. You have the right to withdraw from the program at any time. I typically don’t have clients canceling, but if something unforeseen happens in your life (for example, losing your job), you can cancel and there will be NO penalty. You would be refunded any funds accumulated in your accounts minus any fees earned.

22. Surety Bond/Insurance. As may be required, Beyond always maintains appropriate surety bonds and/or insurance in the states they operate.

23. Entire Agreement, Severability, and Survival. This protects them if there is any fraud or invalid information given, this agreement would be null and void.

24. Assignment. This section states they have the right to assign this agreement.

25. Notices. This section states that by signing below, you agree to the terms and conditions of this enrollment agreement.

Now that we’ve covered all the sections, if there are no other questions please go ahead and click the “Sign” button to confirm your understanding.

Per California law, we’ve provided you for review, unsigned copies of this Debt Resolution Agreement and the Notice to California Consumers (the disclosure that precedes this agreement). This agreement will not become effective until at least 3 calendar days have passed, and it is completely executed. Upon full execution, you’ll receive a signed copy.

Those are the most important items in these disclosures that apply to your situation. Before I move on to the next pages, any questions?

The next few pages are related to Privacy. To keep it simple, your information is primarily used for the purpose of resolving your debt with your creditors.

Next, you’ll see the “Client Acknowledgement Statement” which just confirms that we went over the agreement together. Please go ahead and click the “Sign” button to confirm your understanding.

Go ahead and scroll down to the “Schedule A. List of Creditors and Debt & Program Details” page. This is really the overall summary of the program, so I want to make sure we cover this page in detail, again, let me know if you have any questions. Here you will see a recap of your information and the accounts enrolled into the program. Please review and make sure everything looks correct.

You’ll notice that there are some accounts that have plus signs next to them. These are the accounts that need statements (or other documents) in order to be reviewed by our Underwriting team. Resolving this account can be time sensitive and we don’t want to delay the process. So we’ve temporarily added these accounts to your program pending their approval. What this means is your deposit amount will factor for the funds needed to resolve all accounts including the ones that are pending approval. Your deposit amount will be $xxx.xx, which is to be paid
(frequency), effective from your first scheduled deposit on
xx/xx/xx. If we’re unable to add your account to the program, we’ll automatically adjust your deposit amount and notify you via email. Please note that it can be automatically removed if we do not receive the requested documents within the next 30 days. If you have any further questions about your accounts after today, please contact us at 800 282 7186 or email

Below that, you will see the “Program Details” box.

• The top left-hand corner you will see your total debt enrolled. To the right of that you will see the estimated program length, which is (XX) months, and directly to the right you will see your new program payment.

• In the middle left you will see the estimated amount your debt will be reduced to. To the right of that, you will see the program fee which is already included in your monthly payment. If you add those two numbers together, you will get your total program deposits which again include all fees.

• As you will see at the bottom left-hand corner this will save you around ($XXXX) from your original debt amount, and that doesn’t even include all the money you’re saving on interest!
• The total fees for service break down to only (X%) of your enrolled debt per year.
• Over the program that equals (XX%) of the total debt enrolled. And again, that is already built into the monthly payment. They do not collect any fees until they’ve successfully negotiated your debts down, you’ve approved the new terms and have made at least one payment toward those new terms! Does this make sense?

If there are no other questions, please go ahead and click the “Sign” button to confirm your understanding.

The next two pages are your “Notice of Cancellation.” As we discussed before, if you ever need to cancel please call us first and we will be happy to assist you.

Next, you should see an AFCC logo at the very top of the page, which is the most prestigious trade association in our industry. Beyond is accredited by the AFCC, meaning they adhere to the highest standards for protecting consumers. The rest of this section is just a recap of all the information I have already gone over with you in detail. Please go ahead and click the “Sign” button to confirm your understanding.

The next section is your “Account Agreement” page with Crossroads Financial Technologies. This is setting up your new FDIC insured account. You will have login access so you can monitor your account 24 7. Your monthly payments will be automatically deposited from your bank account and go into this dedicated account. As you can see, it is opened in your name only. As soon as new terms are locked in with your creditors and you provide your authorization, payments will be disbursed directly from this account to your creditors until all your debts are paid off. This is very important in understanding how the program works. Does that make sense?

Now if you look to the lower right of that page, there’s a section labeled “Fee Schedule”. There are only two fees that apply to you. A one-time setup fee of 9 95 and a monthly service fee of 10 75. We do not earn any of these fees. These are fees charged by Crossroads Financial Technologies and are already included in the program fees we went over. All the other fees below do not apply to you. If this makes sense, please click the “Sign” and “Initial” buttons on this page to confirm your understanding.

On the next page, you will see your Banking Information to set up your automatic payments. Please double-check the banking info, the first payment date, and recurring draft type (bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly) to make sure it’s correct. Does that look correct? If so, please go ahead and click the “Sign” and “Initial” buttons.

The next few pages are the same ones you would receive if you set up any account with a bank. Please go ahead and click the “Initial” button for each of these four pages.

 The next several pages you will see after that are “Authorization Letter for Beyond Finance,” “Limited Power of Attorney,” and “Authorization to Communicate.” These give Beyond the authorization to communicate with your creditors on your behalf. Once you start the program you will get creditor calls, but this is a natural part of the process. Creditors usually attempt to collect before they negotiate; many times those calls are automated robo-dials so don’t feel bad ignoring them. The easiest thing to do is just disregard them. You should also update the phone number your creditors currently have on file to Beyond’s dedicated creditor hotline number. Which is six one nine. Three three three. Two two, zero zero. Rest assured, their team works with your creditors directly and those calls will die down as you ignore them and progress through the program. If this makes sense, please go ahead and click the “Sign” button for each of these authorization letters to confirm your understanding.

The next few pages are your “Direct Debit Authorization” and “Credit Report Pull Authorization” which just confirm that you authorize Beyond to debit fees from your account and to review your credit information so they have accurate information to work with your creditors. If this makes sense, please click the “Sign” button for each of these to provide your authorization.

The next few pages are a list of acknowledgments. The majority of these do not apply to you, but in the event any of them do, we will be covering them now. You can go ahead and click the “Sign” button here as well.

The following pages are your “Personal Cash Flow Assessment” which is the budget we discussed earlier. We specifically designed the program to fit within your budget, and you can see the estimated Monthly Remaining Amount between your expenses and deposits while in the program here. If anything changes, let us know so we can make sure the program stays affordable for you. If this makes sense, please click the “Sign” button to confirm your understanding.

  • The following page just recaps “Important Information for you to Consider” which we have already discussed in detail in the previous pages.
  • The next page shows an “Itemized List of Goods and Services” which reflects the set up and monthly service fee for your FDIC insured account. This page will also recap the accounts that will be included in the program as well as the accounts that are excluded from the program.
  • The next page will review your “Schedule of Payments” for the program. You will notice that there is an additional 12 months of payments scheduled to account for any additional hardships you might experience during the program causing you to pause or skip payments, but your program length is still only scheduled for [XX] months.
The last pages cover a service provided by the Better Life Plans or BLP Legal Club. Costs are 14 95 a month and are already factored into the monthly quotes provided. This service provides added protection for your program. The BLP Legal Club can provide limited scope representation with any unique creditors and litigation or collection efforts if such a need arises. However, the limited scope representation would NOT include going to court on your behalf. Additional benefits include financial education, identity theft monitoring, and access to discounted legal services. Most of our clients choose this service to help with the success of the program. If this makes sense, please click the “Sign” button on the last few pages to confirm your understanding.
Almost done! There’s one more page here at the end. This page discusses the Right of Offset. Because you currently bank with (Name of Bank),
and you’re also enrolling your (loan / line of credit / business cc) account with them, it means they could go into your bank account and apply funds from that account as payment to the outstanding debt. It doesn’t always happen, but we like to be proactive to keep your funds safe. So, for a client in your particular situation it is usually in your best interest to change your bank account elsewhere within the next 30-60 days. This will protect you and will allow the negotiators to work with that account and help maximize your savings. If this makes sense, go ahead and click “Sign” to confirm your understanding.

Now that we have covered everything, you will see a yellow “Finish” button near the bottom of the page. If you missed any signatures or initials, a yellow “Next” button should be present on the left side of the page which will bring you to any outstanding signatures or initials. Please make sure all required signatures and initials are complete and then go ahead and click on the yellow “Finish” button. Perfect! You should have just received a copy of the signed agreement for your records.

Alright (Client), I know I’ve covered a ton of information on this call but remembering at least these 3 key principles will keep you on the path to success:
  • Number one is CONSISTENCY. My most successful clients are consistent with their program deposits. So make sure funds are available for your draft dates. The faster you build up funds, the sooner they can resolve your accounts and get you the savings you deserve.
  • Number two. Let the Beyond team handle the communication with the creditors. My most successful clients make the decision to stay off the phone with their creditors. If you don’t recognize the number, let it go to voicemail. They are just trying to pressure you back into paying them interest forever.
  • And lastly, PATIENCE. Be patient while funds build in your account. This is a marathon, not a sprint – you didn’t get into debt overnight and no one can get you out of debt overnight. Most clients start to see their first settlements around 3-6 months, which is much faster compared to making the minimum payments over the next several decades. Stay focused on your financial goals and remember how good it will feel to be back in control of your finances and DEBT FREE!!

Our last step is a quick Onboarding call with one of Beyond’s Onboarding agents. They will welcome you to the program and review key features of your Client Dashboard, which provides you with 24 7 access to your program.

I am going to connect you to the Onboarding Department, can you hold for just a moment?