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TCPA Policy

This privacy policy was updated on April 20, 2023.

At Complete Debt Relief, we are committed to protecting the privacy and rights of our clients. As part of our dedication to compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and other relevant regulations, we have implemented the following TCPA policy:

We obtain express written consent from our clients before initiating any telemarketing calls, text messages, or faxes. This consent may be obtained through electronic means, such as online forms or agreements, and is securely stored for reference.

2. Do-Not-Call Registry

We maintain and regularly update an internal Do-Not-Call (DNC) list to ensure that we respect the preferences of individuals who do not wish to receive telemarketing communications from us. We honor any requests to be added to our DNC list promptly.

3. Opt-Out Mechanism

We provide an easily accessible opt-out mechanism for individuals who no longer wish to receive telemarketing communications from us. This mechanism is clearly stated in our communications and allows individuals to opt out of future contact.

4. Training and Compliance

Our employees and representatives undergo comprehensive training on TCPA regulations and our internal policies. We continually monitor and enforce compliance with TCPA requirements, ensuring that our staff understands the importance of adhering to all relevant regulations.

5. Record Keeping

We maintain detailed records of our TCPA compliance efforts, including consent records, opt-out requests, and DNC list updates. These records are securely stored and easily accessible to demonstrate our commitment to compliance.

6. Third-Party Vendors

In cases where we engage third-party vendors or contractors to perform services on our behalf, we ensure that they adhere to our TCPA policy and comply with all applicable regulations.

7. Ongoing Review and Updates

We regularly review and update our TCPA policy to reflect changes in the law and industry best practices. We remain vigilant in adapting our practices to ensure ongoing compliance with TCPA regulations.

By implementing this TCPA policy, Complete Debt Relief strives to provide a transparent and compliant approach to our telemarketing communications. We value the privacy of our clients and aim to maintain their trust throughout their journey towards debt relief.

8. Marketing Partners
At TCPA (Total Consumer Protection Agency) for Complete Debt Relief, we believe in fostering strategic partnerships to extend our reach and provide comprehensive debt relief solutions to individuals and businesses in need. Our marketing partners play a vital role in spreading awareness about our services and helping us connect with those seeking debt relief. We have carefully selected the following trusted partners who share our commitment to ethical business practices and customer satisfaction:
  1. Financial Counseling Services: Our network of certified financial counselors works closely with TCPA to educate individuals on effective debt management strategies and provide personalized financial advice. These partners assist clients in understanding their financial situation, creating budgets, and developing plans to eliminate debt.
  2. Credit Repair Agencies: We collaborate with reputable credit repair agencies to assist clients in improving their credit scores. These partners offer expertise in credit analysis, dispute resolution, and credit-rebuilding strategies, helping individuals restore their creditworthiness and regain financial stability.
  3. Legal Assistance Providers: TCPA works alongside experienced legal professionals who specialize in consumer protection and debt relief laws. Our legal partners ensure that our clients’ rights are protected throughout the debt relief process, providing legal advice, representation, and assistance with negotiation and settlement agreements.
  4. Financial Blogs and Publications: We maintain partnerships with influential financial blogs and publications that cater to individuals seeking reliable financial information and debt management tips. Our collaborations include guest blog posts, expert interviews, and articles aimed at educating readers about debt relief options and responsible financial practices.
  5. Community Outreach Organizations: TCPA actively collaborates with community outreach organizations to extend our services to underserved populations and raise awareness about debt relief resources. We work together to host educational workshops, seminars, and events focused on financial literacy and debt management.
  6. Referral Networks: We partner with referral networks consisting of professionals and organizations, such as financial advisors, accountants, and business consultants, who encounter clients in need of debt relief services. These partnerships allow us to reach individuals and businesses facing financial challenges through trusted intermediaries.
  7. Digital Marketing Agencies: Our collaboration with digital marketing agencies ensures that our message reaches a wide audience through various online channels. These partners utilize search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content creation, and other digital strategies to promote TCPA’s debt relief services to the right individuals at the right time.
At TCPA for Complete Debt Relief, we value the expertise and support of our marketing partners, as they contribute to our mission of providing effective, ethical, and comprehensive debt relief solutions. Together, we strive to empower individuals and businesses to overcome their financial burdens and achieve long-term financial well-being.
9. Questions About the TCPA?
For more information regarding the TCPA please call (949) 590-9587.
10. Purpose of the Call
The primary objective of this communication from Complete Debt Relief is to provide information about our specialized debt relief services. Our comprehensive offerings may encompass third-party solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual client. Message and data rates may apply.
11. Do Not Sell My Personal Information
If you do not want us to sell your personal information please visit thejustice.info
12. Not a Condition of Purpose
The participation or utilization of TCAP’s services, including but not limited to its programs, consultations, and resources, is entirely voluntary and not a condition or requirement for any specific purpose. TCAP acknowledges and respects the autonomy of individuals and organizations in deciding whether or not to engage with its offerings. The availability of TCAP’s services is solely intended to provide information, support, and potential solutions, but it is not mandatory or obligatory in any way. Clients and users are encouraged to assess their own needs, circumstances, and preferences before deciding to avail themselves of TCAP’s services.
13. Additional Information

For more information about our general privacy policy, please visit